Boat Birthday Card Printable

If you are looking for a child's birthday card, this is super simple...

I like the bright, happy colors and "groovy" boat sail. The inside message is "Wishing you smooth sailing for the year ahead!" 

This is a quarter-fold card, which means you'll print it on a regular sheet of paper and fold it to make the card.  If you are not quite sure how to do this, I have instructions below. 

To print:  Print it from here. Make sure your printer is set to landscape.  Then, to fold:

These will fit in a size A2 envelope, 4.37" x 5.75". I was able to find a pack of 50 for 2.50 on clearance - only 5 cents an envelope! 

Want to make this a little more special? Add your own personal touch like buttons, bead, sparkles (great for the fireworks), gel pen. Use your imagination to make this simple card come to life.


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