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I've been playing around with a scrapbooking/crafting program called CraftArtist. I like to make greeting cards and for the last 15 years have used PrintMaster. The most recent version I have is PrintMaster 12 and it looks like the quality of the program has diminished through the years, based on the reviews I've read.

In my research for a new program to make greeting cards, I found CraftArtist. This is a really neat program, although I wish it came with clip art like PrintMaster. However, it's user friendly and you can get some free artwork to download - they have "Digikits" that contain backgrounds, frames and artwork. Each Digikit has a theme.

The great thing is that you can get a limited version of the CraftArtist program for free. It does not do all the amazing tricks that the full program (which costs about $40) contains, but you can make some really nice cards, scrapbook pages, envelopes, crafts, etc. with using the free Digikits (there are over 50 kits by my count). There are themes for different holidays and occasions.

These are samples of a few of the projects I've done. I have done some projects in just a few minutes.


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